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The Ironwear 2960 3-Way SRL Rescue Winch is designed as a component of the Ironwear 2949 7 Ft Confined Space Tripod Kit.


Equipped with a 65-foot-long stainless steel wire rope, this winch is designed with a manual-tailing mechanism and built for confined space retrieval, made to lift and lower a rate load of up to 300 pounds.


Additionally, the included four bolts and spacers are used to attach the winch to the leg of the tripod. The free-falling lock pin serves as additional security as it fastens the winch in place, ensuring a stable connection.


The 2960 performs as primary use for ascending and descending purposes, using a steel self-locking carabiner that connects to the D-ring of the harness.


  • Component of the Ironwear 2949 7 Ft Confined Space Tripod Kit
  • Equipped with a 65 ft stainless steel wire rope
  • Manual-tailing mechanism
  • Includes one locking pin, four bolts, four spacers, and one steel self-locking carabiner
  • Rate Load: 300 lb.
  • Meets ANSI Z.359.4 standard
  • Product used to lower and raise personnel and equipment on a regular basis as needed
  • Packaged 1 each (EA) per carton (CTN)

2960 - Tripod Kit

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