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Customized Products,
Just the Way You Want Them

Looking for something a little different?

Worried about stock and supply issues?

Want to create your own style with the features you need?

We can help you design the perfect product for your needs and keep a stock on hand to eliminate the worry of finding the same product or a similar product. Reduce time spent searching, your stress, and get the perfect product.

Guru's Gear will help you design, size, select materials, and add the perfect features to ensure you look good, feel good, and end up with a high-quality product! And since we care about sustainability, we will cover the cost to upgrade your product to recycled materials. The products are the same quality and are great for the environment!​

If you have the time up front to work with us and you buy in bulk, you will eliminate worry, stress, and you could even save money. Production and delivery can vary from 45-120 days. Samples can be created and sent until the perfect product is found. Get in touch today and let us work our magic. 

1241 - Lime Front.jpg

Customized economy surveyors vest now offered to everyone!

Customized 60% recycled materials 28" traffic cone. Built for a few local businesses to help with stock issues and price increases!

See what we can do for you!

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