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Work for a better world!

Guru's Gear is a design and manufacturer working to bring sustainability to the PPE and safety gear your crews use to stay safe. Almost all PPE has plastics which pollute the environment during production, use, and once thrown away. 

Together we can reduce the waste we produce, reuse the plastics in our gear, and recycle the gear to be used again. Our reduction of waste and recycling of products will reduce the carbon footprint and chemicals put into our environment, creating a healthier world for us and future generations. 

The next step to a healthy world may be in a new technology to create bio-polyester that is nature based, biodegradable, and uses no chemicals in production. The cost is higher than synthetic polyester, but the price is lower if you consider the impact on our health, the planet, and future generations. 

Join us in changing the way people think about their PPE and safety gear. We would love to help design the perfect product for your company and help save the environment in the process. 

Foggy Forest
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