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The Ironwear 2206 Dual Aluminum Rebar Hook SRL w/ Swivel is designed to withstand forces from potential falls while delivering lightweight performance.


Featuring a housing unit equipped with a 6-ft-long webbing strap, this twin-legged SRL is specially designed to eliminate tangling and snagging hazards, prioritizing your safety and well-being regardless of the task or height.


In the event of a fall, the included shock pack (attached to the webbing strap) unleashes and deploys extra webbing - ensuring a controlled and safe descent.


Ideal for situations where weight reduction is a priority, the aluminum rebar hooks become your steadfast companions, reducing the load off your back for improved agility and performance. They connect using Ironwear’s 2806 Dual SRL Connector, making it easier to transport and use jointly. Their self-locking mechanism opens a gateway to a simpler, more efficient hooking + unhooking process, while a 360° rotation expands your range of motion – making your next task two steps easier.


  • Includes: 6 ft webbing strap with shock pack attached, a housing unit, two swivel aluminum rebar hooks, and Ironwear’s 2806 Dual SRL Connector
  • External shock pack absorbs kinetic energy during a fall
  • Lightweight aluminum rebar hooks feature a self-locking mechanism and swivel a full 360°, preventing tangles
  • Designed as a rescue + retrieval fall protection system
  • Gate Strength: 3,600 lb.
  • Capacity Range: 130 – 310 lb.
  • Average Arrest Force: 1,350 lb. Max. Arrest Force: 1,800 lb.
  • Max Arrest Distance: 42 in.
  • Meets ANSI Z359.14 Class 1; ANSI A10.32; ASTM F887-13; OSHA 1926 Subpart M (Class 1 SRLs are self-retracting lifelines suitable for use at or above the dorsal D-ring anchorage points)
  • Packaged 1 set (SET) per box, 5 sets per carton (CTN)

2206D-ARH - Webbing Strap

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