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Sustainability, Safety, and Style

With todays push for more environmentally friendly products, why aren't we hearing about recycled products in the safety world? Well, now you are! Don't worry, there are some companies out there with recycled products available, they just aren't widespread and aren't easy to find.

Sustainability with traffic cones. Well, the good news is that most black based cones are starting to be made with recycled materials. That means approximately 60% of every cone is recycled material. And as a former consumer of traffic cones, I believe the black based cones are far superior to the all orange cones. But beware, there are many cheap substitutes out there that are not high quality and will not last long, and probably aren't made from recycled materials. After having experienced some of these first hand, we went out and found the best cones with all the features, recycled materials, and the quality that everyone deserves.

Sustainability with safety vests. A rare breed, the recycled safety item! Why don't you see more recycled materials in the safety apparel/equipment we use today? I have no idea! Safety vests are items that don't need the extreme longevity of many other apparel items. Safety vests are used and abused, and often get dirty before they wear out and need replacing prior to their life cycle ending. Anyways, recycled materials aren't inferior. In particular polyester that is recycled is just as good as the virgin polyester. I have also seen some recycled hard hats hitting the market. Very exciting news. Keep them coming, we want 100% recycled materials. One day we will be making new hard hats from old hard hats, and new safety vests from old safety vests, etc, etc, etc. Let's get this going and work for more eco-friendly recycled safety vests and other safety equipment. The potential is enormous.

We hope to hear how you have switched to sustainability in your safety products and look forward to a cleaner, greener world!

Thanks for tunning in!

Avtar Sunnivagora


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