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With a long history in construction and the use of many different brands of PPE, we decided it was time to create something a little better. A custom made vest with plenty of pockets, heavy duty material and zipper, proper sizing to allow for a great fit, and a variety of choices. We are proud to have become a safety vest designer. Sourcing our own vest has also allowed us to offer a great vest at a great price. Sticking with our goal of helping small local companies get better gear at better prices. 

Our next goal, to introduce recycled safety vests into the world of PPE and safety equipment. We want to work with you to design the perfect vest and make it 100% recycled material. We are excited to work with you to help get the perfect vest and help bring sustainability into a new industry. 

Give us a call anytime at 971-393-0560

Safety Vests

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