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As a former consumer of traffic control equipment, the quality of traffic cones was very inconsistent. We would pay the same price for the good and the bad. With this, we set out to bring in a local supply of traffic cones. Our aim, to bring high quality items to the area at a reasonable price, ensure supply for local businesses, and reduce or eliminate all the issues with the cones we were purchasing. We also wanted to make sure the cones contained as much recycled material as possible without compromising the function and safety aspects of the cones. 

We had cones made that have the following features for quality, consistency, and sustainability.

  • Made from 60% recycled materials. The black base is 100% recycled materials. 

  • Hot and cold treated to perform better during hot days in summer and cold nights in winter. 

  • UV protected to retain a red/orange color for years. 

  • Recessed reflective collars to allow for less wear and tear, and longer life.

  • Indented top to allow you to tie caution tape, ribbon, or rope around.

  • High density base to reduce tip over. 

  • Premium grade PVC material to reduce tearing and breaking when impacted. We have run over and smashed our cones with a forklift in winter when most brittle. All tests have been a success. 

Don't worry about inconsistency, supply issues, or prices anymore. We have solved all of these problems for you.


Give us a call anytime at 971-393-0560.

Traffic Cones


Traffic cone specs:

  • 28" Tall

  • 7 Pounds

  • 2 Reflective Collars

    • 6" on top​

    • 4" on bottom​

  • 14"x14" Black Base

  • MUTCD Compliant

  • Meets NCHRP-350 Standard

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